Hello everyone,

Find time this week to put down the technology and spend time celebrating the small successes. We are now in week 5 and while it is easy to name out the problems we face, we oftentimes don’t celebrate the successes.  We at PS 20 could never have changed an entire education system without the support and work of our families.  Thank you to all our families for your persistence and flexibility during these new times.



General Updates:

What? First Digital PTA Meeting

When? 10:00am and 7:30pm

How?  Zoom links & Passwords will be posted in your digital classrooms and sent out via DOJO or email.

Live Morning Family Judo and Family Yoga are back at PS 20!!
Please join us Monday’s at 9am for Judo and Wednesday’s at 9am for Yoga. The link below is for both events, and will be the same each week. We hope to see you there!
Our Partners, New York Cares, are asking parents to fill out the waiver below if their child will be participating in judo or yoga. You can fill it out electronically and it will automatically be sent to New York Cares. Once its filled out their child can participate in yoga and judo as often as they like, and New York Cares will keep all waivers on file. If they plan on participating in both yoga and judo, they need to fill out 2 waivers.