Dear PS 20 community,


Wishing all a very happy New Year, as we present new challenges vision and goals from the PTA that together we can make possible. We wanted to take a moment and tell you how important it is to have parents involved in your child’s School. We have an opportunity to do things are teachers and administrators cannot do.

        So this new year we are challenging you the parents to do something different and join us in representing the parent body in its entirety. Contemplating getting involved, I would say why not? You can give a little as an hour once a day to provide more for your child however that choice is yours. Enter enter the key is that our time is spent to support the children and our community. I cannot emphasize that more. That time spent wondering what you could do you could actually prove to be something beneficial. Come share your skill, Talent, experience ideas and help make our school Community a greater one.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Committees allow parents the opportunity for parent engagement and PTA function and business upon the direction of parent chairs such as:

    1. Fundraising and Special Events: Patricia Hernandez and Mayling Wong- Proposing ideas and executing projects to raise funds for the school and engage parents
    2. Fifth grade: Joanne Napoleon- Penny drive for 5th grade, efforts to raise funds for 5th grade events chair 5th grade committee and Building the fifth grade parents Community to engage in 5th grade efforts.
    3. Alumni: Ms. Stein(Teacher), Jennie White (Parent)Chris Marte (Community State Committee Man and alumni) – Former students of PS 20 now professionals are giving back to our school community
    4. Class parents: Zohara Soledaria and Ruth Wong- Efforts to build parent community and strengthen parent participation in individual classrooms.
    5. Tech and internet: Balin Brandt and Ruth Wong- Efforts to build a knowledgement and recognition within and outside of our school Community by updating social media platforms and presenting opportunities to educate the school Community about impacts of the internet.
    6. Hero Summit: Two fold opportunity celebrating heroes from our school community that have given so much to our school and also a costume party commemorating comics and encouraging literacy.
    7. Support the Title 1 PAC that conducts workshops and resources providing tools for our parents.

    What have we done so far:

    •  PTA Room Remodel: Renovated the parent room to be inviting and welcoming to all, accessible computers printers, resources, Etc.
    • Scholastic Book Fairs, We raised a couple thousand dollars in just two weeks and we use some of our earn Scholastic dollars to make sure kids that needed books got them.
    •  Garage sales, Providing an opportunity for the school Community to share their business which has done great for those involved to also personally perch out their homes for items they don’t need and to raise money.
    •  Screenagers Movie, Screenagers was brought to us by parents Balin Brandt and Ruth Wong. This movie helped to educate parents on the impact of screen time. This was followed by an impactful discussion amongst parents and the facilitators.
    •  Hyde Proposal: Introduction of a culture change program for our school and community. If implemented would provide skills and tools to potentially grow a character in our school Community to build and provide the tools that incorporate empowerment of one another and the prices of accountability now on our students to build them up with the life tools for them to be successful independent and responsible individuals and students.