We had our JUNE PTA meeting today. We covered two main topics: electing a new Treasurer and a new Vice President (to fill empty roles) plus status for our PTA becoming a non-profit.

Watch the entire meeting here (video – approx 1 hour).
You will need a password (emailed out separately by our Parent Coordinator, Tina).

PTA Election Results
We also elected two new people to the PTA Board: Kim Fong (Vice President) and Grace Pai (Treasurer). We will have another PTA Board election in the Fall for the coming school year.

Becoming a Tax-exempt Non-Profit
Our PTA is currently in the process of gaining non-profit/tax-exempt status in the eyes of the IRS. Here’s a brief overview of what that means, why it’s important, and how we are doing it. This presentation was presented at the June PTA meeting today.